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Welcome to ‘Owned by You’, brought to you by The Association of Financial Mutuals.

There are literally hundreds of mutual organisations in the UK, affecting the lives of over 20 million of us, that’s 1 in 3 of the total population.

At the Association of Financial Mutuals, we believe in mutuality as a better way to run a business and look after customers. We represent 53 member companies, and are also here to provide information to, and protect the interests of you, customers and members of Financial Mutuals.

Mutuals: Owned By You...

Mutuals have built an enviable reputation of working hard for their customers and are different from most companies because they are not owned by shareholders. That means customers are also ‘members’ who effectively own the business.

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Mutuals include a broad and diverse range of organisations from Building Societies to Insurance Companies and Building Societies to Credit Unions and Football Supporter Trusts.

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